Friends and family are welcome to accompany you to your appointment. I often ask to start solo so you can get used to the process without an audience.
Tell me any requests you have and I will do my best to accommodate!
Please feel free to contact me to make any changes or have any questions about your session I am happy to talk!


Please allow yourself plenty of travel time. It’s important to be on time.
*I request 72 hours notice for cancellations.

      • *You will need 2-4 clothing changes for the shoot
*Please bring plenty of clothing options. I enjoy helping my clients choose the best options and variety.

When selecting your clothes consider the following general guidelines:

  • Solids are better than prints
  • If you have a fun print, it can be nice to pair it with a solid on top/bottom
  • Think season-appropriate attire
  • Skin on the neck, chest, arms and legs can compete with the face, so longer sleeves or dress length is ideal
  • Black is a no-fail, classic color and is good for all skin tones in photographs
  • Even if you are having your make-up and hair done, please bring another lip color or hair ties for a quick change in style.
  • How an outfit looks in a mirror is how it will photograph. Make sure you like what you see!Fit is important. . . clothes should not be too big or too small
  • Variety is great
  • Accessories can be fun. . . sun glasses, hat, scarf. . .
  • Layers can be really good for variety, coats or sweaters over the tops
  • Please feel free to ask prior to session if you have special clothing questions